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November 23rd, 2011

Writer's Block: Family ties

spend time with them and have plenty of laughs
What do you love to do with your family?

November 21st, 2011

Last night was one fuelled by debate and a losing battle upon my behalf. The argument was this "women can still be attractive even if they have body hair"  i must admit the entirety those who disagreed were men, completely undermining the argument that women can still be found attractive if they were to grow their body hair.
Why was i arguing this you might ask, simple i saw it on a t.v. programme the night before. Nevertheless it is still a valid argument, why can't a women be attractive if she has body hair? After all men have body hair and us women are not repulsed or deterred by this, so why is it that a man says on a women this trait is "unattractive" "unhygienic" "off-putting" and such like. 
It is seen as unfeminine they say, but surely femininity is not in appearance but more in social traits and the way a women holds herself. It shows a lack of effort, maybe so but wouldn't you get slightly fed up if every week or more you had to shave up and down every inch of your body to be deemed "attractive". To be a suitable mate for someone who looks gorilla-like in appearance. I think you would.
I'm not saying that men are wrong to have this point of view (well maybe i am a little bit) as it is society who has passed this knowledge on for years. They have been brought up with this belief on so continue to drag it along with themselves. Come on guys think out of the box for once and see the real us, for what we are not what we look like.

November 19th, 2011

I have never fully understood why people feel the need to pass judgement on those they do not know. It seems as though society is ruled by this overbearing need to voice there opinion of people who they haven't so much as spoken to, yet they believe they can tell everything about a person by a single glance. It seems to be everywhere you turn magazines, newspapers, television, conversations. It seems you can't move without hearing such and such is this, or have you heard about such and such. As to my knowledge it is completely pointless, after all what does anyone gain from it, if we honestly think about it. 
It seems more than anything to be a cause of destroying people's confidence and to ruin the happiness that they have. We see someone who we are jealous of or who have something that we do not. Then make it our goal to cause them misery and isolation, as if this would achieve anything, "that girl is pretty and lots of people like her, so lets call her a slag" "that person seems really happy and comfortable with themselves, so lets tell them how ugly and worthless they are". 
We attack them like a savage pack of animals, so we can gloat and make ourselves feel better, be honest with yourselves, we've all done at some point "that persons fat" "they're ugly" "she dresses like a whore". It is unbelievably harmful not only to those we judge but to ourselves as decent people.
So therefore i say enough. Lets stop with this childish ridiculing. To begin to accept everyone as they are. No matter how different to ourselves they seem to be. Lets be happy. xxx
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